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Davy Gardner


Writing for Audio

When a lawyer (Jo Firestone) attends her high school reunion, a drunk classmate mistakes her for
else and nostalgically recounts a shocking story to the wrong person.


Spend a day among the many different theme park goers of Wonderworld, U.S.A. 

In this special episode (kicked off with a sketch written by Davy Gardner), Jonathan Mitchell 
and Davy Gardner answer listener questions about how The Truth is made.

Tatiana Vasquez, an MMA fighter, is eager for a rematch after her humiliating defeat. Will the
haunting memories of her loss get in the way?


Some Other Audio I've Worked On

The Off Season

Named one of The Atlantic's Best Podcasts of 2018

A four-part serial that explores the #MeToo movement.

The Off Season stars Peter Grosz (HBO's Veep) and Erica Hernandez (CBS's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and was written by Marina & Nicco. It was produced by Jonathan Mitchell and Davy Gardner.

The Body Genius
Included on the A.V. Club's list of The Best Podcasts of 2019 So Far

The Body Genius is a neo-noir comedy serial about a physical trainer in Los Angeles solving a murder. The Body Genius was written by Hunter Nelson and produced by Jonathan Mitchell and Davy Gardner.


A 60-second Micro-Podcast
Written by Davy Gardner


Performed by Margaret Burrus, 
Jack Frederick, and Mac Rogers

Produced by Jonathan Mitchell
and Davy Gardner


Writing for Video



Davy Gardner is a writer, audio producer, and a New York City native. He is a writer and the associate editor for The Truth Fiction on Radiotopia from PRX, and writes for a weekend house team at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre called, The Foundation. He won Best First Time Screenwriter and Best Dark Comedy at the 2019 Los Angeles Film Awards for his short, "Mountain", which also won Best Dark Comedy at the 2019 New York Film Awards. His short film, "You Hang Up", won the 2019 Berlin Flash Film Festival. You can see some of his work streaming on Discover.Film.

Davy has written many audio comedy and  drama pieces, including "The Other Fran", which stars comedians Jo Firestone and Casey Jost. He associate produced the audio serial, "The Off Season", which stars Peter Grosz (HBO's Veep) and Erica Hernandez (CBS's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and was named one of the The Atlantic's Top 50 Podcasts of 2018. He also associate produced "The Body Genius", which appeared on the A.V. Club's list of Best Podcasts of 2019 So Far, in addition to many other stand-alone audio fiction pieces. 


He is a writer and consultant for Chloé Inc, a business talent affairs company that assists with production and celebrity negotiation for a number of major international and multi-agency advertising campaigns. Davy has taught writing and comedy at The School of the New York Times and has directed various sketch shows, short films, and plays in New York City—including scenes at the 2018 All New Talent Fest at Ars Nova Theater and the 2017 Ice Factory Festival at the New Ohio Theater. He created Season Two Show and improvises with Boyf Comedy and the improv duo, Pork.

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